Sportkings: The Greatest Comeback in Sports History!
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Sportkings Series A

Series A

The greatest comeback in sports history is about to take place and trading card collectors will soon be on the hunt for Sportkings Series A.

Similar to the original Sport Kings Gum series, this all-new collection is made up of 48 Base Cards covering an incredible array of sports icons from baseball to poker. The design of the base set remains true to the original and features all original artwork.

Each pack of Sportkings Series A will contain seven cards. The fun begins with three traditionally sized Base Cards along with one parallel Base Card which has been made to the same size as the classic cards.

There is also an incredible selection of Autograph Cards in the product and the athletes included are sure to bring back memories of some of the greatest moments in the history of sports.

Another exciting feature of Sportkings Series A is the outstanding selection of Memorabilia Cards that are seeded two per pack.

Sportkings Series A will be released in October, 2007 and it will be one of the most limited trading card products ever made.