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Sportkings Series B

Autograph Card Checklist

Autograph Cards
A-MAL1Ali, Muhammad
A-MAL2Ali, Muhammad
A-MAL3Ali, Muhammad
A-RBAZ1Baze, Russell
A-RBAZ2Baze, Russell
A-RBAZ3Baze, Russell
A-RBE1Berry, Raymond
A-RBE2Berry, Raymond
A-RBE3Berry, Raymond
A-SC1Carlton, Steve
A-SC2Carlton, Steve
A-RCOL1Coleman, Ronnie
A-RCOL2Coleman, Ronnie
A-RCOL3Coleman, Ronnie
A-JCR1Craig, Jim
A-JCR2Craig, Jim
A-MG1Gaylord, Mitch
A-MG2Gaylord, Mitch
A-BGO1Golic, Biba
A-BGO2Golic, Biba
A-BGO3Golic, Biba
A-RG1Gracie, Royce
A-RG2Gracie, Royce
A-JG1Greene, Joe
A-JG2Greene, Joe
A-TG1Gwynn, Tony
A-TG2Gwynn, Tony
A-TG3Gwynn, Tony
A-BHA1Hart, Bret
A-BHA2Hart, Bret
A-SH1Hamilton, Scott
A-SC2Hamilton, Scott
A-BKN1Knight, Bobby
A-BKN2Knight, Bobby
A-BKN3Knight, Bobby
A-EL1Laurance, Ewa
A-EL2Laurance, Ewa
A-EL3Laurance, Ewa
A-BL1Lilly, Bob
A-BL2Lilly, Bob
A-MMT1May-Treanor, Misty
A-MMT2May-Treanor, Misty
A-MMC1McGwire, Mark
A-MMC2McGwire, Mark
A-CN1Neal, Curly
A-CN2Neal, Curly
A-RN1Nehemiah, Renaldo
A-RN2Nehemiah, Renaldo
A-SN1Nguyen, Scotty
A-SN2Nguyen, Scotty
A-JNI1Nicklaus, Jack
A-JNI2Nicklaus, Jack
A-JNI3Nicklaus, Jack
A-BP1Parent, Bernie
A-BP2Parent, Bernie
A-LP1Pincay Jr., Laffit
A-LP2Pincay Jr., Laffit
A-LP3Pincay Jr., Laffit
A-DR1Rodman, Dennis
A-DR2Rodman, Dennis
A-JS1Sakic, Joe
A-JS2Sakic, Joe
A-BSAM1Sammartino, Bruno
A-BSAM2Sammartino, Bruno
A-BSAM3Sammartino, Bruno
A-WS1Sapp, Warren
A-WS2Sapp, Warren
A-DSN1Snider, Duke
A-DSN2Snider, Duke
A-GSP1St-Pierre, Georges
A-GSP2St-Pierre, Georges
A-GSP3St-Pierre, Georges
A-SSW1Swoopes, Sheryl
A-SSW2Swoopes, Sheryl
A-KWA1Walsh, Kerri
A-KWA2Walsh, Kerri

Auto/Memo Cards
AM-RBE1Berry, Raymond
AM-RBE2Berry, Raymond
AM-RBE3Berry, Raymond
AM-SC1Carlton, Steve
AM-SC2Carlton, Steve
AM-RCOL1Coleman, Ronnie
AM-RCOL2Coleman, Ronnie
AM-RCOL3Coleman, Ronnie
AM-JCR1Craig, Jim
AM-JCR2Craig, Jim
AM-MG1Gaylord, Mitch
AM-MG2Gaylord, Mitch
AM-BGO1Golic, Biba
AM-BGO2Golic, Biba
AM-BGO3Golic, Biba
AM-RG1Gracie, Royce
AM-RG2Gracie, Royce
AM-JG1Greene, Joe
AM-JG2Greene, Joe
AM-TG1Gwynn, Tony
AM-TG2Gwynn, Tony
AM-TG3Gwynn, Tony
AM-BHA1Hart, Bret
AM-BHA2Hart, Bret
AM-SH2Hamilton, Scott
AM-BKN1Knight, Bobby
AM-BKN2Knight, Bobby
AM-BKN3Knight, Bobby
AM-EL1Laurance, Ewa
AM-EL2Laurance, Ewa
AM-EL3Laurance, Ewa
AM-BL1Lilly, Bob
AM-BL2Lilly, Bob
AM-MMT1May-Treanor, Misty
AM-MMT2May-Treanor, Misty
AM-MMC1McGwire, Mark
AM-MMC2McGwire, Mark
AM-CN1Neal, Curly
AM-CN2Neal, Curly
AM-RN1Nehemiah, Renaldo
AM-RN2Nehemiah, Renaldo
AM-SN1Nguyen, Scotty
AM-SN2Nguyen, Scotty
AM-JNI1Nicklaus, Jack
AM-JNI2Nicklaus, Jack
AM-JNI3Nicklaus, Jack
AM-BP1Parent, Bernie
AM-BP2Parent, Bernie
AM-DR1Rodman, Dennis
AM-DR2Rodman, Dennis
AM-JS1Sakic, Joe
AM-JS2Sakic, Joe
AM-BSAM1Sammartino, Bruno
AM-BSAM2Sammartino, Bruno
AM-BSAM3Sammartino, Bruno
AM-WS1Sapp, Warren
AM-WS2Sapp, Warren
AM-DSN1Snider, Duke
AM-DSN2Snider, Duke
AM-GSP1St-Pierre, Georges
AM-GSP2St-Pierre, Georges
AM-GSP3St-Pierre, Georges
AM-SSW1Swoopes, Sheryl
AM-SSW2Swoopes, Sheryl
AM-KWA1Walsh, Kerri
AM-KWA2Walsh, Kerri
  • Checklist subject to change up until release date.