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Sportkings Series B

Autograph Card Checklist

Autograph Cards
A-MAL4 Ali, Muhammad
A-MAL5 Ali, Muhammad
A-MAL6 Ali, Muhammad
A-RA Alomar, Roberto
A-RA2 Alomar, Roberto
A-BBO1 Borg, Bjorn
A-BBO2 Borg, Bjorn
A-DB1 Brunson, Doyle
A-DB2 Brunson, Doyle
A-DB3 Brunson, Doyle
A-RCA1 Carew, Rod
A-RCA2 Carew, Rod
A-SCA1 Cauthen, Steve
A-SCA2 Cauthen, Steve
A-SCO1 Cohen, Sasha
A-SCO2 Cohen, Sasha
A-PC1 Creamer, Paula
A-PC2 Creamer, Paula
A-SBG1 Graham, Billy
A-SBG2 Graham, Billy
A-SBG3 Graham, Billy
A-KGJR1 Griffey Jr., Ken
A-KGJR2 Griffey Jr., Ken
A-KGJR3 Griffey Jr., Ken
A-FH1 Harris, Franco
A-FH2 Harris, Franco
A-RH1 Henderson, Rickey
A-RH2 Henderson, Rickey
A-PHO1 Hornung, Paul
A-PHO2 Hornung, Paul
A-DDJ1 Jonrowe, DeeDee
A-DDJ2 Jonrowe, DeeDee
A-DDJ3 Jonrowe, DeeDee
A-DK1 Karnazes, Dean
A-DK2 Karnazes, Dean
A-SL1 Lee, Sammy
A-SL2 Lee, Sammy
A-PM1 Molitor, Paul
A-PM2 Molitor, Paul
A-EM Murray, Eddie
A-EM2 Murray, Eddie
A-MN1 Navratilova, Matina
A-MN2 Navratilova, Matina
A-KP1 Petty, Kyle
A-KP2 Petty, Kyle
A-CRJ1 Ripken, Cal Jr
A-CRJ2 Ripken, Cal Jr
A-CRJ3 Ripken, Cal Jr
A-DRO1 Robinson, David
A-DRO2 Robinson, David
A-RS1 Sandberg, Ryne
A-RS2 Sandberg, Ryne
A-GS1 Sayers, Gale
A-GS2 Sayers, Gale
A-GS3 Sayers, Gale
A-AS2 Sorenstam, Annika
A-JST1 Stiles, Jackie
A-JST2 Stiles, Jackie
A-ITH1 Thomas, Isiah
A-ITH2 Thomas, Isiah
A-DV1 Vitale, Dick
A-DV2 Vitale, Dick
A-BW1 Walton, Bill
A-BW2 Walton, Bill
A-MW Wells, Mark

Auto/Memo Cards
A-DWI1 Winfield, Dave
A-DWI2 Winfield, Dave
AM-AS1 Sorenstam, Annika
AM-AS2 Sorenstam, Annika
AM-BBO1 Borg, Bjorn
AM-BBO2 Borg, Bjorn
AM-BW1 Walton, Bill
AM-BW2 Walton, Bill
AM-CRJ1 Ripkin, Cal Jr
AM-CRJ2 Ripkin, Cal Jr
AM-CRJ3 Ripkin, Cal Jr
AM-DB1 Brunson, Doyle
AM-DB2 Brunson, Doyle
AM-DB3 Brunson, Doyle
AM-DDJ1 Jonrowe, DeeDee
AM-DDJ2 Jonrowe, DeeDee
AM-DDJ3 Jonrowe, DeeDee
AM-DK1 Karnazes, Dean
AM-DK2 Karnazes, Dean
AM-DRO1 Robinson, David
AM-DRO2 Robinson, David
AM-DWI1 Winfield, Dave
AM-DWI2 Winfield, Dave
AM-EM Murray, Eddie
AM-EM2 Murray, Eddie
AM-FH1 Harris, Franco
AM-FH2 Harris, Franco
AM-GS1 Sayers, Gale
AM-GS2 Sayers, Gale
AM-ITH1 Thomas, Isiah
AM-ITH2 Thomas, Isiah
AM-JST1 Stiles, Jackie
AM-JST2 Stiles, Jackie
AM-KGRJ1 Griffey Jr., Ken
AM-KGRJ2 Griffey Jr., Ken
AM-KP1 Petty, Kyle
AM-KP2 Petty, Kyle
AM-MN1 Navratilova, Martina
AM-MN2 Navratilova, Martina
AM-PC1 Creamer, Paula
AM-PC2 Creamer, Paula
AM-PM1 Molitor, Paul
AM-PM2 Molitor, Paul
AM-PM3 Molitor, Paul
AM-RA1 Alomar, Roberto
AM-RA2 Alomar, Roberto
AM-RCA1 Carew, Rod
AM-RCA2 Carew, Rod
AM-RH1 Henderson, Rickey
AM-RH2 Henderson, Rickey
AM-RH3 Henderson, Rickey
AM-RS1 Sandberg, Ryne
AM-RS2 Sandberg, Ryne
AM-SBG1 Graham, Billy
AM-SBG2 Graham, Billy
AM-SBG3 Graham, Billy
AM-SCO1 Cohen, Sasha
AM-SCO2 Cohen, Sasha
  • Checklist subject to change up until release date.